"Is Something There" is the project I worked on for my Fall 2016 animation class. Since it was the second semester I've taken this class, I did have to try a little harder than last time. This was the result.

The actual story of the animation is about a space explorer (Currently still unnamed for some reason) who travels to a planet in pursuit of a signal coming from some sort of beacon. Once the character arrives on the planet however he realizes (suprisingly expectedly) that the entire thing was a trap.

Funnily enough, the whole thing plays out more like some sort of trailer for an actual cartoon than a cartoon in itself. It's probably due to the fact that the story cuts out just when things start getting to the actiony bits. However, this was pretty much the idea I had from the beginning. It's evident in the storyboards of the project as well.

The title "is Something There" was actually something I came up with incredibly late into the project. Like, two weeks until deadline late. I feel it fits pretty well since the concept of the animation is about looking for something unknown.

Addmitedly, most of the time spent on the project was spent on making the backgrounds for the individual scenes rather than on the animation of the character itself. Actually, that'd be true if it wasn't for the scene where the character's ship flies past the camera. The frame by frame animation on the ship took so long when each frame was done in illustrator and was exported individually that it kind of put me off doing that for the character as well.

This is pretty noticible in the scenes after that when the character starts appearing on screen. Most of the perspecitves are shown behind the character and his full body isn't shown to increase the illusion that he's actually moving his body off screen.

Something interesting I realized when working on this thing was that what I had the fun doing out of everything I did for this project was actually working on the sounds. I spent a lot of time recording sounds for another project I've been working on as well, so I did have some pre recorded sounds to use as well. Mixing and layering these sounds to enhance the atmosphere of the entire thing.

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